Tutu Tutorials Not Tu Tu Hard

I don’t have a little girl, but I do love all those adorable pics of little girls in their tutus!  When I was little I so wanted to be a dancer, and would’ve went crazy for a tutu!  I always think, I bet I could make one, and after looking at these awesome tutorials, I can’t wait to make one….or more!!:

Over on Feels Like Home Blog I found this tutorial for a tutu that she made for her daughter’s 2nd birthday.  Her daughter is adorable, and the tutu seems longer than some of the other ones.  I love that she has several different colours of tulle to make it more eye appealing.

I love the way she shows pics of each step, and even tells you how to measure your child to make the perfect fit.  I also love that she breaks down how much she spent on the project, which you can see the break down on her blog.  The total she spent was under $13.

Over on Mom Dot she has a really cool tutorial with little collages of the steps along the way.  I like the way she did it, it is very eye appealing for a tutorial, plus very clear as to what is required. I also love the pic of the little girl wearing the tutu, she is gorgeous!

She also gives some tips of how you can do it differently, or embellish it.  She even has tips on how to make it for Halloween.

She has many other tutorials listed, and has a tutorial for a barbie tutu, and a cat tutu! 

The next one I found was from Vermillion Rules.  I love that hers is called: The Extremely Detailed Tutu Tutorial.  It really is extremely detailed.  Being a very overly organized person, I love extremely detailed tutorials. 

She gives the requirements of materials you would need, and gives different amounts by age of child.  She even gives information about elastic as there are so many different kinds, and how do you know which one is the best one?

 She tells you where you can buy the materials (I think they are only US places she lists, but still pretty cool).  She has many other tutorials too, that I can’t wait to check out, because this one is so detailed!  It makes it very easy to understand.

The Ribbon Retreat took a different approach to the making a tutu so I thought I would throw this one in for you to see it a different way.  She also made this one for a newborn vs older kids.  I think this would be a great idea for the newborn photos that are bound to  happen with a brand new princess on the scene.

The Ribbon Retreat even sells tutus or the tulle to make them in their own shop!  So you can get all the supplies to make this product from their site!  And they have many other tutorials they list new ones all the time, including this one for a pumpkin tutu!

The Cottage Home has a beautiful Fairy Princess Tutu Tutorial!! It is different from the others, and really does have a Fairy Princess feel to it.  She has a lot of beautiful pics added into her tutorial with text explaining each step.

She has many tutorials listed on her blog that I totally want to check out.  She also has recipes too!

Design Mom makes hers with ribbon as well as tulle!  I love that it gives another dimension to the plain tutu, and makes it even more girly!  This is a really quick, short tutorial.  So if you want one that is a quick read, this is a great one for those of you who grasp things like this really quickly.

I can’t wait to go buy some tulle!  I already have elastic.  I just need a little girl to put it on. 

7 thoughts on “Tutu Tutorials Not Tu Tu Hard

  1. Maple Leaf Mommy

    Oh wow, Shari! Thanks! that makes it look so easy. I might try and whip one of these up for under the Christmas tree.

  2. Texas Type A Mom

    Thanks for sharing all of these resources! I’m bookmarking and hopefully my daughter will get into these soon!

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