Yarn Stash Buster Patterns

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I can’t be the only one that has a ton of left over bits of yarn after finishing a project, right?  Ok I admit maybe I am the only one that shops yarn solely by feel and won’t leave a soft ball of yarn behind.  Then I get back home with 1 ball of yarn and no idea what to do with it! This is why I rounded up all of these yarn stash buster patterns!

1. Leg Warmies

2. Mittens

3. Easy Yarn Creatures

4. Scrap Yarn Scarf

5. Make a Yarn Bowl

6. Fuzzy Yarn Sheep

7. Springtime Baby Carrots

8. Fuzzy Animals

9. Plant Markers

10. Pom Poms

11. Felted Acorns

12. Crocheted Dishcloth

13. Crochet Headband

14. Fingerless Gloves for Dolls

15. Bun Cover for Dolls

16. Animal Ear Headband

17. Hanging Yarn Balls

18. Kitchen Scrubbie tutorial

19. Knit Flower Pattern

20. Knitted Tribble

21. Crocheted Crocodile Stitch Flower Pattern

22. Hexagon Patterned Crochet Quilt

23. Corner-to-Corner Throw

24. Granny Stripes

25. Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket

26. Easy Ripple Afghan

27. Fantasy Blanket

28. Ribbon Afghan

29. Scrappy Stripes Afghan

30. Groovy-ghan

31. Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket

32. Comical Neck Warmer

33. Sweet Tart Rug

34. Dream Catcher

35. God’s Eye

36. Knitted Treasure Pouch

37. Fish Hat

38. Sock Yarn Blanket

39. Baby Bootie

40. Saartjes Bootees

41. Sock Yarn Newborn Hat

42. FrankenKnits – 2 knitting patterns with various yarns: Stole, and Mittens

43. Mini Mania Scarf

44. Squishy Love Shawl

45. Crochet Eye Glasses Case

46. Pixie Tutu

47. Little Squares Scarf

48. Fingerless Gloves

49. Simon Cowl

50. Scrappy Kitty Blanket

51. Stash Buster Cushion

52. Loom Knit Socks

53. TV Technicolour Blanket

54. World’s Easiest Crochet Scarf

55. Crocheted Yarn

56. Log Cabin Knitted Quilt

57. Transition Stash-Buster Shawl

58. Stash Buster Spiral Socks

59. Stash Buster Shawl

60. The Simple Perfect Stash Buster Head band

61. Grandmother’s Favourite Dishcloth

62. Stash Buster Cardigan Vest

63. Stash Buster Scarves

64. Stash Buster Scarves #2

65. Stash Buster Bag

66. Stash Buster Knitted Baby Hat

67. Crocheted Tablet Case

68. Crocheted Felted Scarf

69. Stash Buster Cowl

70. 15 minute Coffee Sleeve

71. Yarn Bee Stash Buster

72. Mini Cat and Stash Busters

73. Stash Busting Bags and Bowls

74. Slip Stitch Stash Hat

75. Calorimetry

76. Turn a Square Beanie

77. Baktus Scarf

78. Curlers

79. Crocheted Blarf

80. Knitted Cupcake

81. Stashbuster Spiral Socks

82. Pullip Doll Beanie

83. The Fish Return Blanket

84. The Mindless Knitting, TV Watching, Scrap User-Upper Afghan

85. 10 Stitch Blanket

86. Slouchy Entrelac Tam

87. 10 Stitch Twist

88. Felted Nesting Bowls

89. Sediment Scraps Blanket

90. Fishy Fish Wash Cloth

91. Pinwheel Purse

92. Knit or Crochet Owls

93. Pretty Twisted

94. Spikey Wristers

95. Kids Scrap Sweater

96. Russian Wedding Band Cowl

97. Premature Baby Hats

98. Wardrobe Fresheners

99. Granny Stripe Blanket

100. Good and Plenty Scarf

101. Beth’s Little Star Afghan

102. Justify

103. Vegas Scarf

104. An African Adventure

105. Socktopus

106. Student Bank Account

107. Ribbon Afghan

108. Ridge and Furrow Scarf

109. Three Tiered Doll Skirt

110. Basta

111. Riot

112. The Wool Eater Blanket

113. Braided Ball

114. Crochet Bag

115. Stitch Sampler Shawl

116. Garter Squish

117. Fantasy Blanket

118. Diving In Shawl

119. Odds and Ends Kerchief

120. Crochet Boot Cuffs

10 thoughts on “Yarn Stash Buster Patterns

  1. Judy C (Judy Cowan)

    Yarn stash, guilty I have a couple containers of odds & ends! Will have to check out these patterns and try to use some up!

  2. Elva Roberts

    I love these Yarn-Stash-Busters for leftover yarn. My favorites are: the Socktopus and the Fuzzy Yarn Sheep.

  3. Cindy DeVane

    What a disappointment to find that most of the items I wanted to make were crocheted. Why can’t you specify in the link whether the pattern is knit or crochet? K or C, how hard is that?


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