102 Slow Cooker Recipes from http://www.theknitwitbyshair.com

Slow Cooker Recipes

102 Slow Cooker Recipes from http://www.theknitwitbyshair.com


It’s that time of year when we are all so busy, out and about running around.  Who wants to think about dinner? Then it’s just too hot to turn on the oven, and make the house so hot! I find that even this time of the year we like some hearty meals to keep us going for all the activities, and fill us up from a day of snacking.

That’s why I rounded up 102 Slow Cooker Recipes for you to check out!


1. Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce

2. Slow Cooker Ceasar Sandwiches

3. Crockpot Meatballs

4. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce Chicken

5. A&W Root Beer Pulled Pork Recipe

6. Cinnamon & Vanilla Easy Bread Pudding Recipe

7. Sweet and Spicy Slow Cooker Apple Pulled Pork Recipe

8. Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

9. Nutella Crunch Cheesecakes

10. Roast with Brandy Sauce

11. 3 Bean Salad Chicken and Rice

12. Barbecued Country Style Ribs

13. Java Beef Stew With Mushrooms and Baby Reds

14. Crockpot Corn on the Cob

15. Slow Cooker BBQ Beef

16. Crockpot Seasoned Oyster Crackers

17. Deeeelicious Easy Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken Recipe

18. Crockpot Red Beans and Rice

19. Layered Bean Burrito Recipe

20. Easy Overnight Crockpot Steel Cut Oats recipe

21. No-Boil Crockpot Baked Ziti

22. Crockpot Meatballs

23. Slow Cooker Perogies and Sasauge Recipe

24. Chicken Tacos with Peach Salsa

25. Taco Soup

26. Easy Crock Pot Chicken Tostadas

27. Crock Pot Roast

28. Chocolate Cake in The Slow Cooker

29. Coke BBQ Baby Back Ribs

30. BBQ Meatballs

31. Crockpot Molten Lava Cake

32. Homemade Yogurt in the Crock Pot

33. Crockpot Shredded Beef

34. Crockpot Drumsticks

35. Crock Pot Baked Beans

36. Thrifty Chicken

37. Vegetable Soup

38. Pot Roast

39. Spicy Taco Chicken

40. Teriyaki Chicken

41. Stuffed Bell Peppers

42. Pork Tacos

43. Best Ever BBQ Chicken

44. Chile Verde

45. Spiced Maple Pumpkin Butter

46. Chocolate Spoon Cake

47. Pork and Turkey Bolognese Sauce

48. Vanilla Caramel Pear Butter

49. Turkey Pumpkin Chili

50. Pumpkin Bread with Walnuts

51. Pesto Lasagna

52. Vanilla Rum Apple Butter

53. Triple Chocolate Brownies

54. Gluten-Free Root Beer Pulled Pork

55. Pulled Pork with Tangy Coleslaw

56. Beef Brisket Carnitas

57. Italian Beef Sandwiches

58. Pulled Pork Sandwiches

59. Spaghetti Sauce

60. Chicken Jambayala

61. Poached Tilapia

62. Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff

63. Paleo Chicken Soup

64. Spiced Apple Crumble

65. Hamburger Corn Goulash

66. Crock Pot Taco Bake

67. Blue Cheese Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

68. Dulce De Leche

69. Cube Steak

70. Root Beer Sandwiches

71. Carmelized Onion and Dijon Pork Chops

72. Tex Mex Chicken

73. Crock Pot Jam

74. Slow Cooker Apple Sauce

75. French Onion Soup

76. Roast Beef

77. Chicken Stroganoff

78. Crock Pot Ham

79. Crock Pot Chili

80. Rotisserie Chicken

81. Peach Dump Cake

82. Pizza Meatloaf

83. BBQ Ribs

84. Moroccan Chicken

85. Chicken Stew With Sausage

86. Red Pork Tamale Filling

87. Chicken Ziti

88. Weight Watchers Chunky Tomato Soup

89. Greek Chicken

90. Easy Spiral Ham

91. Camp Dip

92. Veggie Chicken Stir Fry

93. Jambalaya

94. New England Pot Roast

95. Creamy Baked Potato Soup

96. Italian Sausage and Peppers

97. Orange Balsamic Pot Roast

98. Garlic Lime Pulled Pork Un-Casserole

99. Bacon and Cheese Crock Pot Potatoes

100. Buffalo Chicken Sliders

101. Tangy Sweet Chipotle Meatballs

102. Ravioli with Meat Sauce

7 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Recipes

  1. Judy C (Judy Cowan)

    Wow that is quite the list of slow cooker recipes, will have to spend some time checking them out. I am always looking for new ones!

  2. Debbie Welchert

    Wow I can’t believe all of these great recipes. There are so many I want to try. This list will keep me busy for a while and I know my family is going to love them too.


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